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Elaine "Dusty" Foster

Mountain Boys' Buffalo Adventure

This is the story of three friends who fight city hall
to try to save a herd buffalo from certain death.


Randy with his horse before dawn. He and the Mountain Boys are riding to see the buffalo herd twenty miles away - maybe for the last time.

Mika, Randy's faithful dog, is never far from his side.


Buffalo fighting for leadership.

Randy's horses: Pinta, Chinook, and Star Fire.

Baby buffalo with Mama.

Looking down on the buffalo from the ridge.

Racing the horses at sunset.

Mountain Boys' Buffalo Adventure

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Crafts to Make and Sell

Are you looking for crafts that really sell? Do you want to earn more money with the crafts you already make? This book can show you which crafts sell best – and why.  
Included is a long list of good selling crafts and the types of places that repeatedly buy them. Whether you're looking for a craft that sells easily or you already have a favorite craft and you're looking for people to buy them, this book is for you.  
Although there are some patterns you can download from this site, this is not a pattern book. It's a book for people who want to understand which crafts will sell well before they spend time and money working on one that doesn't.  
Thousands of people around the country are making money with crafts working from home. We're making items that people want to buy. You, too, can make money offering customers what they're looking for. Handmade crafts and unique gifts are always in demand!  
For three decades, I've been making handmade items of all kinds, for all kinds of customers. Some of my crafts have been bought and shipped overseas. (I'm in Colorado.) Because I want to make as much money as possible with my crafts, I've been studying closely what sells well and what doesn't. I've discovered that the crafts that sell well have several things in common, even if the crafts themselves are very different. And crafts that didn't sell well had other things in common.  
Once I figured out these many secrets, I was well on my way to selling every craft I made – and life was better. You don't have to spend decades learning which crafts sell quickly and which don't. You can learn it today.  
Crafts to Make and Sell has over 100 pages, which include dozens of specific crafts. Most of the crafts have several variations, so you can make them uniquely your own. And what's equally important, you'll discover why these particular crafts sell better than others.  
Once you understand why something sells and why another thing doesn't, you can apply these principals to any craft and evaluate if it's going to be a good seller before you put your time, effort and money into making it.  
If you already have a craft you love making – but it's not selling as well as you hoped – you can take the principals presented in this book and compare them to your craft item or your method of marketing them. You'll quickly see how to boost your sales.  
Here's what crafters are emailing in about the Crafts to Make and Sell ebook:

Thanks, Dusty!  
We sell soap. Your book validated something I was thinking - how to increase sales and make our product more unique. We sell to both locals and tourists. We do special gift sets that are packaged for easy travel.  
The next step - here's the validation part - will be to offer wrap bands that can go over the bars of soap and be customized, such as for holidays, business promotions, etc. That will help us expand our marketing efforts.  
I now see how that can lead to more customized products (non-soap). Hmmmmm - lots of new ideas! Thanks for your help,
Jennifer (Florida)
Hello Dusty,  
Thank you. I have now read half the book. It has been a reality check and inspiration so far. I appreciate the work you have put into writing it... I mostly work with silk painting in an impressionistic way and painting and embellishing on cotton fabric.  
This book will help me to realize different ways to produce craft products to sell. And find appropriate outlets to sell them. Thank you again.  
Kind Regards,
Lynn Marie Violich (New Zealand)

Crafts To Make and Sell
Ebook Package

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Build Your First Simple
Solar Electric System

A step-by-step guide to building a simple solar electricity system to light part of your home or outbuilding, and power your computer and a dozen other electrical devices. This is a practical system to use in a cabin, campsite, or in your home during power outages, but can be (and is) used for certain everyday applications.  
This book explains the basics of converting sunlight into electricity and takes you step-by-step in setting up your first working solar power system inexpensively. You’ll understand how to add components to your bare bones system, allowing you to make your system more powerful one step at a time.  
Photos show you exactly what the components look like and easy-to-understand diagrams show how to put this system together and upgrade it to power even more electrical devices.  
The author has helped to build this exact system, tested it, and used it exactly as described. Fifteen chapters covering fifty-six pages explain how solar electric systems work and how to assemble your first system for less than $300. With used parts, this working system costs almost nothing.

Build Your First
Solar Electric System

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